Sending you the BEST of vibrations and the HIGHEST of frequencies! I’m all about helping people make the very most of their lives through health, fitness and wellness. If you’ve got a growth mindset and you’re a determined goal digger, this podcast is for you!

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what is ophrequencies?

Love yourself enough to recognise the things that you don't like about your life, and find the courage to change them.
A poll I sent out on Instagram, asking all you lovely people to vote on whether "motivation was a challenge" that you faced revealed 42 votes later, a whopping 75% of you who acknowledged that YES, motivation was a challenge...

and you know what? THAT IS OKAY. For those who admitted this, that alone is the FIRST step towards the change that you wish to see in your life. Only 11% of the 382 people who saw this poll took action to acknowledge their truth.

Struggle with Motivation 75%

Instagram is great and all, but captions on pretty pictures only allow for so much dialogue and can't always convey the message that's intended.

I created ophrequencies* because I was on the hunt for a podcast that was less of a "interview cool high profile people every week and share their success stories" and more of a, "let's talk about and break down the underrated internal challenges that BOTH men and women face daily so that THEY can create their OWN success stories".

Not that there's anything wrong with podcasts like that. But I love being able to form a deep connection with a podcast when the host shares through their own thoughts, experiences, vulnerabilities and nuggets of gold in an unapologetic way; I want to be that person for YOU.

I want to create a casual, yet thought-provoking space to facilitate conversation about life, fitness, mindset and goals with a smidgen of spirituality that's absolutely beginner friendly. And overtime, I hope it'll be a library with hundreds of episodes for binge-worthy fun!