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Hi, I'm Ophie!

My passion is helping busy women achieve their health and fitness goals,
even through life’s challenges and the temptations of boba.

About Me

I'm an online Health & Fitness Coach. My passion is helping busy women design and create healthy lifestyles that work with them, not against them.

There is so much more to life than the number on the scale or the calories that you eat.

I'm passionate about this because my journey has not always been smooth sailing – I have struggled immensely with the relationship I have with food, the gym, and most importantly, myself.

I believe that we all deserve to find, create and embrace the lives that we truly desire without the guilt, and that's exactly what I'm going to help you to do.


1:1 Coaching

You have dream body goals but zero motivation; you're not alone.

Apply for 1:1 coaching where I work side-by-side with you to remove the stress, frustration and create realistic, flexible strategies for the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of you.

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You want some real, raw motivation and genuine conversation?

This is where you'll find it! On the ophrequencies podcast, I discuss mindset, wellbeing and mental health, especially during lockdowns. Come get a dose of motivation!



Come connect with me on Instagram. I post lots of helpful information, as well as behind the scenes in my day-to-day.
We have a beautifully supportive community so come join for ALL the good vibes.

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Being mentored and coached by Ophie gave me guidance to become a better version than I was previously.
The program was easy to understand and customised to fit in with my lifestyle, which was very important to me.
I recommend Ophie and her coaching as she truly listens to what you want to get out of the program and puts together achievable steps to make it happen.

Sabrina M.

Coaching Client
Ophie is one of the kindest and most selfless people that I know.

When we first started the coaching calls, I was surprised that we had so much in common. I was s h o o k that I was able to open up to her so quickly and tell her about my feelings/challenges, but that just goes to show what a friendly and 10/10 sugoi human being she is.

I came into the program expecting gym sessions and advice about nutrition (which completely exceeded my expectations). She's come up with exercises that I find actually interesting and can't wait to get back into the gym again to try them out.

I love that she clarifies exactly what I'm having issues with (eg. hip thrusts or wrist angles) to make sure that I understand everything before moving on.

She always manages to keep me encouraged and motivated, and I feel so supported and confident in her coaching <3

Meihuii L.

Coaching Client
I absolutely loved speaking with Ophie. She is a great listener and full of encouragement. She helped me in understanding my vision, in naming my goals, and in creating action steps to move forward. She is completely approachable and I would highly recommend a coaching session with her.


Coaching Client
I felt like I was stagnant in my current fitness goals... eating 1100 calories and not really improving on my health/strength or on the scale. I knew I needed to do something different and that I needed guidance.

I loved how well we clicked well and how Ophie could really empathize with my busy lifestyle and adjust the program accordingly to it and what would work best for me. I also loved how accessible she was!

And I loved how she listened to my goals and catered my training program around it! Ophie was so very honest with me and was not afraid to give me tough love when I needed to hear it.

Approximately 6 pounds lost, drop in body fat to 24.6% from approximately 30% -32% prior to starting. I absolutely loved having Ophie as my coach!

Kristine A.

Coaching Client
Ophie was always available for any questions I had and responded very quickly. The advice I received in regards to nutrition and overall health and well-being has been a great help in my overall quality of life. 

I felt that Ophie took great care in listening to my goals and my concerns during coaching sessions, making sure that everything was tailored to my needs. 

The sessions also provided some much needed accountability as I've struggled with consistency, and motivation to avoid those days where I didn't feel like going to the gym.  

I’d recommend Ophie as a coach to anyone. Beginners and pros alike, as her knowledge is vast and will always go out of her way to help you stay motivated or answer any and all questions you have.  

Aaron G.

Coaching Client
I would highly recommend Ophie. She was really friendly and easy to talk to about the struggles I was having. After I spoke with her, I was able to refocus on the things in my life that really matter and to not stress so much about the things that I couldn't control, or that didn't really matter to me that much.

I would highly recommend Ophie if you are struggling with anything and need a bit of guidance.

Carla P.

Coaching Client