Ready to supercharge your Health & Fitness?

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of you said that you struggle with motivation daily.

i see you.

Tired, frustrated and UNMOTIVATED with the your health and fitness.

Doing what you know, but still not getting the RESULTS that you want to see.

Dreaming about how you could FEEL in your body and in your life if you just strapped down and pulled your shit together.

you are:

  • FRUSTRATED because you have no idea what you're doing...
  • On page 8 of "HOW TO GET ABS?" on Google...
  • Feeling like your hard work isn't yielding ANY progress...
  • Punishing yourself with hours of exercise and heavily RESTRICTING your food.

I see you because I know you...
I know you because I WAS you.

I was cluelessly:

  • Trying EVERY diet in existence (fruit only, meal replacement shakes, starvation, no carbs, intermittent fasting; you name it...)
  • RESTRICTING myself from all the things I enjoyed, social activities and food that I loved...
  • Training WAY too much; from daily HIIT cardio, heavy weights and not enough energy...

And I ALWAYS felt guilty… anytime I ate something outside of my “meal plan”. I’d do hours of cardio just to “make up” for the extra food I snuck in…

I was never satisfied or happy with my reflection in the mirror; always criticising my appearance.

I felt disappointed in the coaches I worked with; I didn’t feel supported or understood in my journey.

I was annoyed that all these other girls could eat whatever they wanted to and not do much exercise at all, yet STILL have the body that I’ve been working so hard for and don’t have…

sound familiar to you?

If so, then you probably also know what it feels like to...

  • Associate success with being slim
  • Eating healthy but still not losing weight
  • Be anxious in social situations because it's so hard to track your calories
  • Feel really isolated; like no-one, not your friends, family or even your coach understands your needs

Now? After 7 years on this journey...

i've become:

  • Completely and independently SELF-GUIDED: I know what my body needs and I tailor my program accordingly.
  • Madly EFFICIENT with my training: cardio only once a week (if any) and stronger than ever before.
  • BALANCED with both my eating and my relationship with food: no more labelling things with good / healthy or bad / unhealthy.
  • the BEST SHAPE I have EVER been in (both my mind and body) 😊
  • Whilst STILL being 110% present in my relationship, my friendships and my full-time work!

and now i help busy millennial women do the same.

Being mentored and coached by Ophie gave me guidance to become a better version than I was previously. The program was easy to understand and customised to fit in with my lifestyle, which was very important to me.

I felt very supported, and understood, even with the ups and downs in both my performance in the gym and lifestyle choices (such as food).

It was also good to know that even though I struggled mentally at times, I was reassured that I was still doing okay, with constructive pointers on how to tackle issues moving forward.

I recommend Ophie and her coaching as she truly listens to what you want to get out of the program and puts together achievable steps to make it happen.
Sabrina M.
Coaching Client
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I felt like I was stagnant in my current fitness goals... eating 1100 calories and not really improving on my health/strength or on the scale. I knew I needed to do something different and that I needed guidance.

I loved how well we clicked well and how Ophie could really empathize with my busy lifestyle and adjust the program accordingly to it and what would work best for me. I also loved how accessible she was!

And I loved how she listened to my goals and catered my training program around it! Ophie was so very honest with me and was not afraid to give me tough love when I needed to hear it.

Approximately 6 pounds lost and a drop in body fat from 30-32% to 24.6%! I absolutely loved having Ophie as my coach!
Kristine A.
Coaching Client

step up and take action.

  • STOP sitting on the sidelines of your own health and fitness
  • STOP jumping from diet to diet, constantly looking for a quick-fix
  • STOP throwing things at the wall expecting something to stick
  • STOP comparing yourself to #fitspos on Instagram

  • START feeling comfortable and confident in your body
  • START waking up full of energy and feeling your best
  • START being able to eat the food that you LOVE and not feel guilty for it
  • START building both the MIND and BODY that you've DREAMED of in a
    healthy and sustainable way

My 12 week one-on-one coaching program is custom designed to help you:

  • Lose fat, tighten & tone whilst learning how to maintain it
  • Create lifestyle & behavioural changes to improve your relationship with your food and body
  • Create mindset shifts that sustain those habits and build the foundation for success
  • Not have to sacrifice other priorities in your life in order to have the physique you want
  • Eat with no guilt – have a sustainable and enjoyable approach to food
  • Enjoy physical activity and not use it as a punishment for yourself


  • You are done sitting back, letting "life happen to you"
  • You are struggling with your motivation & habits
  • Fed up with the diet culture and restricting your food
  • Committed to creating a fulfilling life that you enjoy
  • You know you deserve freedom, happiness and self-love
  • You want close contact with someone who understands you and can give you support and accountability

What You'll Get

Over the next 12 weeks, you will receive weekly online check-ins, alongside 24/7 access to 1:1 coaching via WhatsApp, designed to closely assess your daily progress, gauge overall success, and to HYPE & SUPPORT YOU, your life and your goals.

I’m your bestie / fairy god mother whatever you want to call it – but I’m here EVERY step along the way so that you NEVER feel like you’ve been left in the dark with a plan that you don’t understand. 

I have a zero tolerance to cookie-cut approaches. If there’s an exercise that you don’t like, cool – we’ll find something else for you! 

This training plan is a formula designed for you so that you can feel motivated everytime you get in the gym and do it. We combine all the things that you enjoy with all the things that fuel your success to make the perfect regime.

Alongside the weekly check-ins, you will receive evaluations and audits of your daily eating to guide and support you to make and create these decisions for yourself. I look at what you’re currently eating, and provide guidance around how to improve it and teach you what will fuel your body best in relation to your goals. 

If you want to eat chips, then eat chips. You’ll discover what foods will SATISFY your hunger, so that even if you want to reach for treats, you’re no longer fearful around them and have freedom around all food.

We’re designing YOUR most sustainable lifestyle, so if you ENJOY your food, and can see yourself eating like this in 5, 10 years down the track; then we’re on the right path 🙂

Custom to this coaching program and designed to dissect the overwhelm of information available to give you bite-sized, yet integral knowledge + tools you need for ultimate success. I have written four modules that are based around “Mindset”, “Nutrition”, “Training” & “Lifestyle”.

The aim of these materials is to provide you with go-to pieces of information that will assist you along your health and fitness journey, even well outside of our coaching program. 


Don't worry, you're not alone. My coaching is so high touch that you will always feel incredibly nurtured and supported throughout your journey. Never feel afraid around your food ever again.

MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE WAS MY NUTRITION. While I was overall pretty determined at the gym to give it my all, I definitely did not do the same with my meals. However, I honestly did not expect me to come out of this eating healthier and in better portions, so I truly commend you and give you all the credit for this.

Taking the baby steps by logging my meals, trying to reach a certain amount for each food group and having accountability over this definitely helped me overcome this challenge! It helped me realize permanent change can't happen that dramatically so I will continue to work on this!

I loved learning the new and different exercises (THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THE CAPTAINS CHAIR). I also loved how accommodating you were as well when I expressed interest in wanting to focus more on a specific body part, and I still can't believe how much my mindset and habits have changed for my nutrition!

You have such a sweet personality and I never felt ashamed or anything if a certain week didn't go as I expected.
Gloria T.
Coaching Client
My mental health wasn't very good. I was stuck in a career that wasn't going anywhere, I was saying mean things to myself and drinking more than I should have.

I wanted to improve my mental health by developing a healthy routine and relationship with food/exercise/myself but didn't know where to start.

My biggest challenge was (and still is) motivation. I know what I need to do, it's just doing it that I need more encouragement and praise and hand-holding haha. Ophie's a massive support in checking up on me, holding me accountable and making sure I feel supported in everything I try to do, so while it's still a work in progress, I'm miles ahead of where I was.

Every time we talk, my cup fills up and I feel more motivated to take my fitness/eating/mindset to the next level.

It's not only a fitness coaching program but a mindset coaching program where you're so OPEN to talking about mental health and making sure that every part of you is at its best.
MH Lee
Coaching Client

by the end of the coaching program, you will:

Be SO empowered and self-sufficient that you never need to invest in another fitness coach again

Know and understand YOUR personal formula for ACCELERATED FAT LOSS and MAINTAINING IT

Have hit new PB's in the gym and be on track to achieving even more strength

Feel CONFIDENT in your skin, body and in control of your journey

Have the knowledge and tools required to have freedom and happiness around your food, your body and yourself

Are you ready, goal getter? 🙂