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Hi, I'm Ophie!

My passion is helping busy women achieve their health and fitness goals,
even through life’s challenges and the temptations of boba.

About Me

I'm an online Health & Fitness Coach. My passion is helping busy women design and create healthy lifestyles that work with them, not against them.

There is so much more to life than the number on the scale or the calories that you eat.

I'm passionate about this because my journey has not always been smooth sailing – I have struggled immensely with the relationship I have with food, the gym, and most importantly, myself.

I believe that we all deserve to find, create and embrace the lives that we truly desire without the guilt, and that's exactly what I'm going to help you to do.


1:1 Coaching

You have dream body goals but zero motivation; you're not alone.

Apply for 1:1 coaching where I work side-by-side with you to remove the stress, frustration and create realistic, flexible strategies for the healthiest, fittest and strongest version of you.

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You want some real, raw motivation and genuine conversation?

This is where you'll find it! On the ophrequencies podcast, I discuss mindset, wellbeing and mental health, especially during lockdowns. Come get a dose of motivation!



Come connect with me on Instagram. I post lots of helpful information, as well as behind the scenes in my day-to-day.
We have a beautifully supportive community so come join for ALL the good vibes.

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